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Anthony Sherwood Productions


Anthony Sherwood is an award-winning actor/director/producer/playwright/

novelist whose career spans over thirty-five years in stage, television and motion pictures. He has worked with such stars as Henry Fonda, Sidney Poitier, Martin Sheen, Burt Reynolds, Leslie Neilsen, Meagan Fox, Kathleen Turner, Jamie Lee Curtis, Christopher Reeves and as Jessica Alba’s father in the film, “Honey”.

Anthony was born in Halifax and is a fifth generation African Nova Scotia. The performing arts are deeply rooted in Anthony’s family tree. His grandmother was an accomplished musician and music teacher, his mother was a singer, and his aunt was Portia White, Canada’s first Black classical singer.

Sherwood is an accomplished documentary filmmaker who has received numerous national and international awards. His production company specializes in producing documentary films dealing with social justice and human rights issues such as the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa and the global crisis of landmines.

Anthony Sherwood has produced many projects promoting African-Canadian history. His film, “Honour before Glory” is the story of Canada’s one and only all-black military battalion that was formed during World War I. The film won a Gemini Award and a prize at the Hollywood Black Film Festival in Los Angeles. His documentary “Music – A Family Tradition” won a Gemini Award and was nominated for an International Emmy Award.

Anthony Sherwood was also the host and writer for the television talk-show, “In the Black” on OMNI Television. It was the first program on Canadian television that featured exclusive interviews with prominent African-Canadians. He has performed in some memorable television programs including the popular American television series, “Airwolf” and the C.B.C. award-winning television drama, “Street Legal”. His ground-breaking role on this series was the first inter-racial relationship on prime-time television in an ongoing series in North America.

He is the former National Co-Chairman of the March 21 Campaign for the Government of Canada. March 21 is the International Day for the Elimination of Racism. Anthony Sherwood has received international recognition and awards for his efforts in raising awareness to the importance of diversity and equality.

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