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​Publishers and Booksellers

Publishers and booksellers have been invited to bring books and DVDs of special interest to the symposium participants. These items will be available all day Saturday, with a special book signing by the several authors present just before dinner. These include the books of Calvin R. Ruck, whose granddaughter Lindsay R. Ruck will be there:

Anthony Sherwood, DVD, Honour Before Glory (2001)

Lindsay R. Ruck, Winds of Change: the Life and Legacy of Calvin W. Ruck (East Lawrencetown NS: Pottersfield Press, 2014)

James St. George Walker, with Burnley Jones, Burnley “Rocky” Jones Revolutionary: An Autobiography by Burnley “Rocky” Jones (Black Point, NS: Roseway Publishing, 2016)

John Boileau, “Pride and Prejudice at the Front: Canada’s Only Black Battalion,” Legion Magazine (July/August 2016), 20-27.

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