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Pop-Up Museum


If you had relatives or family friends who served in the No.2 Construction Battalion during the First World War, we encourage you to participate in a Pop-Up Museum to be held in conjunction with the Symposium. You are invited to bring your ancestors’ artifacts, photographs, postcards, letters, souvenirs or just family memories to the Fountain Learning Commons on the Acadia University campus in Wolfville.


We will have professionals from the Nova Scotia Museum, the Army Museum Halifax Citadel, and the Acadia Archives on hand to identify and catalogue your mementos or record your memories. With your permission, we’ll put them on display for the day, or until you are ready to leave, so that other people at the Symposium can see them. We will also ask your permission to add them to an online archive.


Admission is free to the pop-up museum, but you are invited to register in advance by email or telephone.


To register, or for more information about the pop-up museum, please contact:


Dr. Gillian Poulter

902 585 1289

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